All files featured here have been specifically designed for FDM 3D printing and I personally test print each STL file before releasing.

phone tripod mount

I needed a simple holder for my mobile phone and small tripod. It needed to be quick and easy to insert and remove the phone. Designed for desktop use only, does not hold your phone securely in other situations. Hole has 1/4 20 thread modelled in to fit standard tripod mount.

Cheery Reindeer

This sectioned character was originally designed to be printed on a smaller sized printer, which means you can print it massive on a larger printer. Watch this video to see the model being printed.

SD Card Holder

Designed to hold both standard SD and micro SD cards. Watch this video to see the model being printed.

Click Fit Interlocking SyStem

Integrate this nifty little locking system into your next design or 3D printed project. Click parts together without the need for glue! Watch this video to see the system in action.

Brutus Sculpt

A sculpture of a character I’ve named Brutus. I sculpted this character whilst learning how to use Blender’s sculpting tools. Watch this video to see the model being printed.


My Snowman. I wanted a Christmas themed model to print so I created a snowman. Watch this video to see the snowman being printed.


A modern take on dice. 2 versions, one with shallow text and one with more deeper recessed text.

Accuracy gauge

A model I made to gauge the accuracy of Blender for 3D printing. You can watch the video I made related to this model here.

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