"I enjoy creating beautiful but functional things"

Although relatively new to 3D printing, I’m no stranger to the world of 3D design and modelling. In fact, I’ve spent the last 17 years working in 3D animation for the film and television industry, creating and bringing to life all sorts of characters, models and set pieces for television shows, commercials and interactive media. 3D modelling is as natural to me now, as drawing or hand writing.

I started this journey into the world of 3D printing because I felt I needed a change. A change that would lead me to new outlets and avenues for expressing my deep creative and time earned 3D modelling and digital design skills.

I enjoy creating beautiful but functional things. Be it a stand for a camera or character for a film, it needs to be just right and I spend many hours testing and printing to ensuring models I create function exactly as intended.


Paul Van Gaans

Designer, modeller, maker

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