3D Print Accuracy Gauge by PVG

Recommended Print Orientation

Recommended print orientation is as per STL file.


Support not needed for this print.

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Why did I make this?

I created this file when I first started 3D printing. Although a many year user of Blender I’d never had the opportunity to test Blender’s accuracy when outputting CAD type files in particular the STL format. Blender passed with flying colours and is my go to package for 3D print model creation.

This free STL file has been designed by Paul Van Gaans specifically for FDM 3D printing. There are 2 scale options contained within the download file, CURA 3.0/SLIC3R and CURA 16.04.


By downloading this file you agree to the following terms and conditions. You are free to print your own copies but you are not permitted to share the file or upload it to file sharing websites nor sell the file or printed derivatives or any product produced from this file.

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